About us

Welcome to CIMED

Composite Interceptive Med-Sciences Laboratories Private limited (CIMED) is an R&D enterprise specializing in therapeutics engineered specifically for the management of chronic diseases linked to lifestyle and aging. Chronic diseases often develop slowly over several years before the signs and symptoms of disease become evident. The chronic disease process triggered by genetic, environmental factors and lifestyle could be slowed but not effectively stopped. Therefore, CIMED broadened the bandwidth of conventional disease specific, hard targeting drug development science to accommodate a new genre of interceptive therapeutics tailored for the management of chronic disease.
CIMED pioneered a novel soft-targeting polymolecular strategy designed to intercept, slow down or reverse chronic disease progression. CIMED’s goal is to avoid the need for lifelong dependence on synthetic drugs and avoid complications linked to chronic disease. 

CIMED’s goal is to optimize the potential of lifestyle modification and regenerative medicine solutions. CIMED’s mission is to enable healthy living and aging. CIMED’s patentable polymolecular, dose-standardized and naturally derived therapeutic products soft-target multiple molecular pathways to avoid toxicity and problems associated with the hard targeting, fast acting synthetic molecules. CIMED science of transforming normal food into a vehicle for inducing gradual but significant medical benefits produces least disruption to normal physiological processes and empowers natural healing processes of the body to fight chronic disease .
The second area of R&D focus of CIMED are the orphan areas of medicine where currently there is no standard of care treatment available.

Who we are:

Established in 2018, Composite Interceptive Med-Sciences Laboratories Private limited (CIMED) is a R&D company based out of Bangalore, the IT & Biotech Capital of India. We are a unique R&D enterprise specializing in a new genre of Interceptive Medicine Therapeutics. We engineer effective strategies to intercept the progression of chronic diseases. We also work on other orphan areas of medical therapeutics where current strategies of management have proven inadequate or are absent.  

CIMED is one of the first companies to work towards creating a composite pharmacology that can create Interceptive Medicine. It will be the first to put into practice, the knowledge of genetic predisposition to disease and help the individual to intercept or delay the onset or progression of diseases using CIMED drugs.

What we are All about:

We are committed to creating a paradigm shift in health care where diseases are targeted along its continuum before its manifestation as a diagnosable disease. Our approach is not to replace the current pharmaceutical standard of care, but to optimize clinical outcomes using our scientifically validated Interceptive medicines.

How we do it:

By combining diverse drug development strategies, adopting, repurposing and creating new strategies from both allopathic as well as traditional systems of medicine with application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to model and engineer solutions. At CIMED our proprietary In-Silico machine learning algorithm integrates genomic sequencing data with emerging knowledge on pathophysiology of disease chronic states, applying it to the current rationale of pharmaceutical research and exploration of different systems of medicine. Decades of clinical experience of our core scientific team having access to diverse clinical data helps make creative impactful decisions to fast track discovery.